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July 30, 2022 2 min read

How to Use Body Butter For Your Skin


Are you trying to improve the look and feel of your skin? Body butters are rich moisturizers that can easily be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. Infused body butters deliver the essential oils or hydrating butters that could help you achieve the healthy, radiant look you’ve been after.

Selecting the Right Body Butter

There are thousands of body butters on the market, each with their own unique list of ingredients. Before selecting a product, consider how you will use it and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you are looking for deep hydration, select products that contain cocoa butter, shea butter, or coconut oil. If you are looking for something to help you feel more relaxed as well, consider products infused with essential oils or light fragrances.

When to Use Body Butter

Learning how to use body butter correctly starts with knowing when to apply it. Body butter is not a replacement for lotion! It is a very thick formula designed to reduce dryness. While it can be used year-round, many people choose to use body butter on dry, winter days. It is also best applied on dry skin, so it is perfect for after a shower or dip in the pool. For the best results, apply a small amount of body butter and gently massage it into the area you want to moisturize.

Where to Use Body Butter

Body butter can be applied almost anywhere as a moisture treatment. In addition to your arms, legs, hands, and feet, body butter can also be applied to your nails to help your cuticles. This is perfect if you are already using it in place of hand cream. Just spend a few extra moments massaging the butter into your cuticles to give them the extra moisture they need.

Some nutrient-rich body butters will also be specifically designed for certain areas of the body. These typically include ingredients known for anti-aging or anti-inflammatory benefits. Always read the label to ensure proper product use.

Unique Ways to Use Body Butter

In addition to using body butter as a moisturizer, you can use it in the following ways:

• In place of shaving cream
• As a makeup remover
• To help soothe the skin after a day in the sun
• To reduce inflammation
• To repair cracked skin
• As a hair conditioner

Learning how to use body butter can involve some trial and error. After all, everybody’s skin is a little bit different. Try experimenting with different products to find the ingredients that work the best for you.